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Be prepared to be victimized… During a recent investigation by the Office of the Attorney General for the State of Florida, 34% of automotive purchase/leased deals reviewed on one class action case were found to have involved the use of deceptive sales tactics or predatory lending practices. Our research indicates the real number is closer to 65%


    First-time buyers, minorities, elderly, military, and buyers with credit problems are most often targeted, but we have reviewed documents where businessmen and professionals (even attorneys) were victimized by unscrupulous dealerships.

    Buying a car can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience if done properly or it can be one of the most stressful, if not the most stressful buying experience you will encounter.  In the automobile sales business, the consumer is rarely as prepared as the dealership. 

    Consequently, regardless of how good of a negotiator a consumer is, our research reveals it is virtually assured the dealership will almost always win and the buyer will almost always lose. With losses consistently measured in the thousands.

    The Car Buyer’s Primer is not intended to help the consumer beat the dealership, but rather to give them enough information to protect their rights and an opportunity to negotiate for a fair deal.

    The Car Buyer’s Primerwill give the consumer the edge they need to fight off the automotive sales industry's deceptive sales tactics and predatory lending practices used by most automotive dealerships as standard operating procedures.



About the Author

Mr. Overholt has worked with the U.S. Secret Service, Florida Attorney General’s Office, Dept. of Insurance & Banking, and private Attorneys to help consumers victimized by automotive dealerships with their deceptive and illegal sales practices.


Mr. Overholt was a former Whistleblower and one of the Leading Authorities on automotive consumer fraud issues. He worked in the automotive sales industry for over 24 year in various staff and management positions.  He was an industry expert on the internal and external flow of paperwork associated with automotive sales. He specialized in analyzing documents and related paper trails to uncover evidence of Deceptive Sales Tactics and Predatory Lending Practices. 

Mr. Overholt has worked as a Salesmen, Wholesaler, Used Car Manager, Sales Manager, Finance and Insurance Manager and has owned and operated his own car business.


Fighting Back!

        The Industry needs changing. Federal and State Agencies, Responsible Factory Lenders,  Automotive Manufacturers, Industry Insiders, and Consumers all want to revamp the automotive sales industry and stop dealerships from using deceptive sales practices and Predatory Lending Practices as standard operating procedure. 

    Unlike other consultants and books in the industry, this site is committed to protecting consumers, lending Institutes, warranty companies, and government agencies from these practices. does not represent or have any affiliation with the automotive sales industry.

    The automotive sales industry has spent millions of dollars in developing sales  training programs designed to control and manipulate the sales process.  In addition, the automotive sales industry has established a pattern of spending millions more fending off lawsuits and suing advocacy groups who reveal their deceptive practices. 

      Automotive Consumer Fraud, Inc. will likely soon become one of these advocacy groups targeted by the automotive sales industry.  Dowloading the Car Buyer's Primer will get the automotive sales industry's Deceptive Tactics and Predatory Lending Practices in the hands of the consumer and will be used, in part, to defend attacks from the automotive sales industry.