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Gaithersburg MD – Stop Auto Fraud wishes to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of our founder, Mr. Duane Overholt, who passed away suddenly on October 20, 2016. A self-described “whistleblower”, Mr. Overholt used his 24 years of experience in the automotive sales industry to become a leading consumer advocate. Mr. Overholt was known to have worked with the U.S. Secret Service, Florida Attorney General’s Office, Department of Insurance & Banking, and with private attorneys to help consumers victimized by rogue employees at automotive dealerships. He was considered an industry expert on the internal and external flow of paperwork associated with automotive sales. His later mission was to uncover evidence of deceptive sales tactics and predatory lending practices, utilizing his positions in automobile dealerships as a salesman, wholesaler, used car manager, sales manager, finance, and insurance manager. This led to Overholt founding Stop Auto Fraud, a newly established non-profit. “Duane Overholt shined the light on deceptive sales practices that many consumer advocates couldn’t uncover. He used his experience to bring about change in the industry,” said Jack Fitzgerald, founder of Fitzgerald Auto Malls, and a supporter of Stop Auto Fraud. “Duane Overholt will be missed by consumers. His efforts to stamp out illicit sales practices helped both consumers and consumer oriented car dealers” said Jack Gillis, author of The Car Book, published by the Center for Auto Safety. For additional information about the non-profit organization, visit

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  was organized to protect consumers purchasing or leasing automobiles from fraudulent sales tactics and predatory lending practices of the automotive sales industry. Our research shows that over 65% of all consumers have fallen victim to these deceptive practices. personnel have been fighting the automotive sales industry for years and have uncovered thousands of fraudulent actions committed by dealerships against consumers, lending institutions, warranty companies, and government agencies.  Many of these illegal actions have resulted in civil as well as criminal court actions. 


     After working with civil litigation attorneys and government agencies over the last six years, it has come to's realization that deals are being cut on all sides to continue business as usual. has realized that the missing links are the consumer, public opinion, and the disbursement of the facts concerning deceptive automotive practices.  All these items are kept from the public eye through settlement agreements instigated by attorneys representing the automotive sales industry. Revamping the automotive sales industry must begin and end with the consumer.


     The automotive sales industry is strong and has deep pockets.  They are making hundreds of millions of dollars through their deceptive sales practices. They settle hundreds of civil actions and still make money.   The money they are making through these deceptive sales practices dwarfs the money they spend in their civil litigation matters.


     Our original goal of cleansing the automotive sales industry with civil actions has been successful.  However, the automotive sales industry is buying their way out.  The only way to stop these practices is with help from the consumer at point of sale. is dedicated to educating the consumer so they can help protect themselves when buying a vehicle.


     The PRIMER™ can help to accomplish these goals.  It is a comprehensive document, that if used properly by the consumer, will save the consumer from falling prey and save them money while keeping the automotive sales industry honest.