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Newspaper articles


For the past three years, there have been many articles written on automotive consumer fraud and the litigation related to consumer's class action suits against the automotive sales industry. The following are articles and audio taped recordings regarding the findings of


Newspaper articles




               Click here to see Duane on the CBS Evening News/CBS Early Show.

               Click here to see Duane on The Harvest Show.

               Click here to see Duane on News Channel 8 in Tampa.


Audio recordings

The following are excerpts from taped interviews, conducted by an expert, of whistleblowers from leading automotive dealerships in the country. The interviews were conducted with general managers, comptrollers, sales managers and general sales staff of these dealerships. 


They record the testimony of these individuals committing or witnessing others commit fraudulent and illegal acts against car buyers, lending institutions, and warranty companies.  


You can play these recordings through your browser, Windows Media Player or Real Player. Just click on the titles below to listen to the taped interviews.